The Cascadia Disaster Corps stands ready to support communities around the bioregion prepare for, respond to, and recover from disaster and humanitarian crises. Auxiliary Skill Groups are spaces for professional and experienced responders with specific skillsets to network, connect and organize regular trainings to make sure volunteer team members have the skills needed to complete these tasks.

Auxiliary Skill GroupsĀ are organized around specific skillsets such as communications, infrastructure (mobile food, housing, shelter, weather relief, transportation), emergency medical, and wilderness disaster response, and network both between each other – and to host regular skill shares and trainings for new volunteers.


Auxillary Skill Groups:

  • Logistics
  • Radio / Communications
  • Emergency Medical
  • Protest / 1st Amendment Gatherings
  • Weather Relief – Heat / Cold
  • Mobile Infrastructure
  • Disaster Response – Flood / Fire / Earthquake
  • Humanitarian Relief