The Cascadia Disaster Corps stands ready to support communities around the bioregion prepare for, respond to, and recover from disaster and humanitarian crises. Neighborhood Ambassadors and Groups are the backbone of the Cascadia Disaster Corps and our decentralized, grassroots led disaster response plan.

Neighborhood Ambassadors organize and increase the resilience of their communities. Meet your neighbors, organize community networking events, see who might need additional medications or assistance, who has skills and assets that may be important, that each community member has a disaster kit, and make sure your neighborhood has a meeting point and evacuation plan.

Every person has the capacity to be a team leader and we firmly feel that the best strategy and approach we can take as a region is for the 15 million citizens living here to be adequately trained and prepared ahead of a major disaster. It’s up to each of us to help make this a more accessible, realistic and achievable goal.